LT Generator


When I decided to install an emergency generator for my home, I wanted to find someone who I could trust to do the best quality work from start to finish. Thank you for delivering on this goal by providing the highest level of quality work. We would gladly recommend this company to our family and friends.
– Michael, Bel Air, CA

Dealing with the owner, Lenny was great. Made it easy to understand what we were getting. Ordering the commercial generator fell within the time frame he said. Crews were professional and Bill the supervisor was great. Highly recommend.
– Pac Vet, Torrance, CA

I retained LT Generators a few months ago to repair and service me and my sons generators. They were experienced, professional, responsive and courteous. Their office manager, Merry and other staff were friendly, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. I highly recommend their services.
– Dr. Imad Rasool, Chatsworth, CA

We purchased a 20KW standby generator from LT Generators. The entire staff was knowledgeable and courteous, and Lenny (the owner) went out of his way to make sure that we purchased the right piece of equipment to meet our needs, and that were satisfied with the result. The installation went forward as scheduled, and the job was completed in 1/2 the time promised-an added bonus! The work was done neatly and professionally, the job site was cleaned and the system was started-up and tested before the installers left. Also, we were given a full tutorial and demonstration. Most importantly, a recent power outage proved that the system works exactly as we expected based on the above. If the need arises in the future, I will definitely purchase from LT Generators again, and I would highly recommend that you do the same! – JJ, Thousand Oaks

I took mother natures abuse for too many years and now that i have a generator i still get abused by my neighbors that call as soon as the power is out wanting to know why i have power? Thanks to Lenny and LT Generators my new generator provides power whenever i need it! I would highly recommend LT Generators to anyone thinking about installing a generator. They are 110% professional in their workmanship and product and i couldn't be happier!
– Phil, Los Angeles, CA

During a four day power outage in Los Angeles, we were the only house in our neighborhood with lights, heat, and power. My folks, who needed full time care, had a unit in their home, also. It literally saved their lives and our peace of mind. If its cold, wet and windy and the power fails, the generator is like the Calvary arriving. LT does a clean, quick, professional job, and services the units annually. LT is friendly, honest and thorough. On a scale of 1 to 10 we give them a 15! – Rick, Los Angeles, CA

My experience with this dealer could not have been better. I'm a homeowner and have been procrastinating for a few years on whether to get a backup generator. I finally decided to pull the switch and received a couple of estimates for installation of a backup gas generator. LT Generators was clearly the class of the field. They went through all my options and provided me with a very reasonable estimate. I was especially impressed with the owner, Lenny, who personally came to my house, reviewed my particular needs, gave me the estimate and answered all my questions. The installation was done on time and was flawless. Most importantly, the electricity in my neighborhood has gone out twice in the last 3 months (once for only an hour but once for about 8 hours) and both times the generator kicked in seamlessly and worked perfectly. Many of my neighbors came by and were amazed that we had electricity. I'm really happy with my decision to get a backup generator as it gives me peace of mind (especially since we have sump pumps and our house could be easily flooded if our electricity goes out during a rain storm). LT Generators has been great and they have delivered on everything they said. I highly recommend them. – Eric, Los Angeles, CA

I'm very pleased with LT Generators. Found them to be very easy to deal with. Easy to get a hold of staff who are friendly, knowledgeable, and very responsive. I put in a request for an estimate and got a very prompt response. They arrived on time and quickly assessed the installation issues and provided a detailed estimate. I asked many questions about the installation and was impressed with knowledge and experience they demonstrated. When staff arrived to perform the installation they were on time and extremely professional. A 3 man crew arrived and immediately went to work. Each member of the crew was very friendly and very hard working. They did an excellent job and answered all my questions and made sure I clearly understood the operation of the unit. Very patient and knowledgeable. They had the installation done in a single day. No goofing off with these guys. I highly recommend LT Generators. They know their business , are a pleasure to deal with, and get the job done on time and as promised. – Jordan, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

I would recommend this dealer to anyone considering a home backup system. The entire experience went smoothly from purchase to installation. The installation crew was wonderful. I found them to be knowledgeable, friendly and professional. – Regina, Panorama City, California

LT Generators did a great job installing my generator. I originally had ordered a 17KW generator which would not have run my entire house but would have been sufficient to run the major items we were concerned about. When they showed up to install it they told me that they had run out of 17KW generators and rather than have me wait for a new one to come in, they were going to give me a 20KW generator for basically the same price. This would enable us to run the entire house and was a substantial upgrade. They did the job on time, installed it perfectly, cleaned up so the area looked even better than before they started their work, trained me in how to use the backup propane tank, and everything worked perfectly. They were professional, reasonably priced and a pleasure to deal with. – Eric, Los Angeles, CA

LT was very professional and the response and installation was flawless.They made it very easy!
– Steve, Los Angeles, CA

My general contractor steered me in the direction of LT Generators, and that was the best thing to have done. Lenny and the rest of his team are incredibly professional and very responsive, and they work really well to fit my schedule for when routine maintenance is needed for my backup generator. The installation was really easy, given the scale of work required to install a permanent residential backup generator. Living in the Hollywood Hills--where the power stupidly goes out from the slightest rain or wind!-- made this one of the wisest investments for my house. My neighbors are jealous when they see the lights on at my house in a sea of darkness! I tell anyone who considers buying a backup generator for their house to go to LT Generators. – Jack, Laurel Canyon, CA